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    Engineering Human Performance

    Epsilon Industries was formed in 2007.
    Our mission is to maximize human and organizational performance
    to benefit the individual, organization, community,
    and society. Understanding of your needs
    is the first step to develop a comprehensive
    action plan.

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    We have over 70 years of work
    and academic experience in human performance,
    manufacturing, engineering, and human resources.
    We have engaged in the Aerospace, Agriculture,
    Automotive, Food & Beverage, Government, and General Manufacturing industries.

Mission & Values

We take a holistic approach to business situations and opportunities. Understanding the human element of organizations allows us to identify issues and provide tangible resolutions.

Individuals are core organizational building blocks. Individuals must be afforded dignity and respect.

Customize Production Training
  • Processes are sometimes introduced with inadequate training of the equipment operators
  • Manufacturers provide limited resources (hands-on, manuals, videos) of proper maintenance and trouble shooting of equipment


How is training improved
  • We start by customizing your orientation program or onboarding process
  • Job specific training is developed to match the cognitive levels of your workforce
  • Training media takes the form of PowerPoint presentations, videos, skills testing, and training sign off forms
  • Documentation and data can be uploaded to your current system of training such as Alchemy
Customize Maintenance Training
  • Equipment can be introduced into facilities with limited training of maintenance personnel
  • Manufacturers provide limited resources (hands-on, manuals, videos) of proper maintenance and trouble shooting of equipment


How is training improved
  • We engage the equipment manufacturer to insure accurate methods are described
  • Based on your needs, training tools are developed to enhance the learning process for technicians
  • Standardize the training methods for new hires and establish program for annual refresher training
  • Our method improves the retention of information and facilitates better understanding of equipment
  • Long term effects contribute to lower maintenance costs and reduced downtime
Management Training & Coaching
  • Specific training is developed for your organization’s needs
  • New management need soft skills training and communication skills
  • Experts in management development and executive leadership and training will customize programs to meet and exceed your desired outcomes
  • Retention programs are provided based on your long term strategic goals
Process Design

We evaluate the processes you would like improved or designed. This can be as simple as a new production line to complex systems as an entire facility Utilizing our knowledge of process design and industrial engineering principles, your deliverables will certainly meet your needs. If specific equipment or integration is required, we can meet those needs. Our extensive knowledge base and partners can match your needs to generic or specialized equipment. If equipment currently does not exist to meet your needs, we can design customized equipment and processes.

Ergonomic Analysis

Ergonomics is a science and art that we approach with a holistic view. Not all jobs and tasks are created equal, similar to each employee. Our ergonomic analysis is performed by a Certified Professional Ergonomist.

How the Process Works
We evaluate your worksite to provide you deliverables to meet your needs. An evaluation of your worksite would include the following:

  • Review with HR and EHS personnel to gauge where exposures to risks are more prevalent
  • A Job Safety Review would be conducted along with an Ergonomic Analysis of the job(s)
  • A comprehensive assessment would correlate tasks to the exposures and individual factors of employees
  • Our services would also include suggestions for improvements to the tasks

Project Management

Managing a project or multiple projects can be challenging. Your organization has made a number of investments in capital and time to deliver projects on time and on budget. In order to successfully meet your organization’s goals the Iron Triangle of Project Management must be met.

We apply the PMI PMBOK (project management book of knowledge to all projects. Continual evaluation and analysis of each stage allows us to minimize risks during the project life cycle. Understanding your customer may make changes, our process minimizes costs and time constraints.

We look forward to discussing your needs and how we can assist your organization achieve its goals. Please fill out the necessary information and we will contact you on how our services can meet your needs.
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